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ScheduleOnline offers both complete system solutions and stand-alone software. A pre-installed UNIX systems come with ScheduleOnline software, Apache web server, PHP with necessary extentions compiled and installed, and MySQL database. For Windows 2000, IIS5 will be used as a web server (Microsoft licenses are not included).

If you decide to purchase only the software, you can obtain a copy of the necessary libraries and applications to run ScheduleOnline Intranet from our public ftp server, and install them on your server.

Before you try to install either the demo version or the standard version, please read the step-by-step Installation Guide (for UNIX, for Windows NT4/2000 server) first. Optional Installation Support is also available if you are not familiar with setting up a webserver with PHP or a database (for Oracle Support, please contact Oracle directly).

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30-day money back guarantee.

For any questions, please contact us at intranet@scheduleonline.com

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