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Schedule meetings

  • Invite people from specific businesses, departments, community groups, personal or shared groups, or anybody in your (private or shared) contact list.
  • Add others to join ScheduleOnline by simply scheduling a meeting with them. They will then receive an automatic email with a password.
  • Reserve a resource, such as a conference room, in conjunction with a meeting.
  • Upload relevant files with the meeting invitation, such as word documents, spreadsheets, or pictures.
  • Automatically invite people by email, or notify them about meeting changes or cancellations.
  • Prompt invitees to accept or decline meeting invitations.
  • As an invitee, you may fill out a message indicating why you decline or accept an invitation, which is forwarded via email to the scheduler of the meeting.
  • Receive emails when invitees have accepted or declined your invitation.
  • Broadcast emails to all invitees who have yet to accept or decline your invitation.
  • Schedule meetings and set an expiring date, after which it will be removed from your calendar.
  • Schedule a one-time or repeat meeting. Repeat scheduling functions include all options the Palm Pilot offers.
  • Disable individual occurrences of meetings from a series of repeat meetings.
  • Automatically check for scheduling conflicts of people and/or resources and view their availability at alternate times in real time.
  • Have the system calculate times during which all invitees are available.
  • Carbon copy meeting notifications to people who are not invited to attend.
  • Make meeting information private or public (so that others will either view your availability indicated as "not available" or e.g. "staff meeting").
  • Exclude yourself from meetings that you schedule for others.
  • Truly schedule meetings anytime, anywhere. Know immediately which invitees and resources will be available at the proposed meeting dates.
  • Avoid the email and phone tag necessary to determine a meeting time that works for all invitees.
View availability
  • View or print the availability of single or multiple people or resources of any organization to which you belong.
  • View availability of others in your time zone, no matter what time zone people or resources belong to
  • Know availability prior to scheduling.
Automatically recalculate for time zone differences
  • As an administrator, set time zone preferences for the company and for individuals.
  • As an individual user, change time zones as needed when traveling.
  • Schedule meetings, list tasks, and broadcast emails without needing to recalculate dates and times for recipients.
  • Increase efficiency by letting ScheduleOnline calculate time zone differences for you.
Schedule resources
  • Schedule resources in conjunction with meetings or tasks.
  • View available times for the resources and view who has reserved resources at booked time.
  • Schedule resources without meetings or tasks associated to them.
  • Categorize resources for easy viewing, e.g. "conference rooms."
  • As an administrator, determine who may schedule a particular resource.
  • As an administrator, specify who may override previously scheduled resources.
  • Upload a file, such as a photo, for each resource.
  • Save time by automatically reserving resources when scheduling meetings or tasks, or by reserving resources that are not associated with meetings or tasks.
  • View availability of resources anytime, anywhere.
  • Easily view what each resources looks like prior to scheduling.
Schedule appointments or book reservations with service providers
  • Search for ScheduleOnline-enabled service providers.
  • Select the closest vendor and view a map with driving directions.
  • Choose a service and select the employee and resource of your choice for the service.
  • Be alerted to, not only the service provider's availability, but also your own, based on your calendar data.
  • Send yourself reminders for appointments.
  • Receive email confirmations of reservations.
  • Select from the available timeslots updated in real time.
  • Never be put on hold. Book your appointment any time of the day or night.
  • Never be confused about what service you ordered, when it will be performed, and how much it will cost.
  • Easily find your service provider and list of past and future appointments.
Schedule tasks
  • Schedule tasks with the same control as meetings.
  • Reserve resources in conjunction with tasks.
  • Use tasks for uninterrupted work time.
  • Set email reminders for tasks.
  • Increase efficiency by scheduling tasks with the same control as meetings.
Schedule reminders
  • Schedule reminders unrelated to calendar items and be reminded by email and browser alerts.
  • Send reminders to anyone in your company, community, group, or contact list.
  • Schedule reminders with the same control as meetings (see page 1).
  • Remind yourself multiple times through a snooze option in the reminder alert popup window.
  • Be reminded of things without needing to list them in your calendar.
  • Send reminders as scheduled, or as delayed email, so recipients receive the email at the right time.

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