ScheduleOnline - Collaboration

Share files

  • Upload files and designate who is allowed to download them.
  • Designate a person who will approve files for upload.
  • Download files that were uploaded for you from any computer with Internet access without any additional software.
  • Download files from work or home without needing access to a server.
  • Increase efficiency in sharing documents within your organization.
  • Guarantee version control and professionalism through an optional automatic routing of file uploads through a designated approver.
Communicate through message boards
  • Create threads for asynchronous communication within specific communities, groups, departments, or businesses.
  • Add content to threads of interest to you.
  • Systematically view everyone's opinion on certain topics.
  • Access and contribute to the discussion at a time convenient to you.
Receive and send emails
  • Check up to five email accounts from any computer with Internet access.
  • Leave email on your server if you'd like to download it later on your own computer.
  • Send or forward email to anybody in your contacts address book.
  • Organize your emails in folders.
  • Delete selected emails from your email server.
  • Send/receive attachments.
  • Access, send, and organize email from any computer with Internet access.
  • No need to use email client software.
  • No need to change email addresses to use ScheduleOnline's email features.
Broadcast email
  • Broadcast email messages automatically for new, updated, or cancelled meetings, tasks, chats.
  • Send broadcast emails to group or department members.
  • Increase efficiency by automatically sending out meeting related emails.
  • Allow email recipients to continue to use their own email applications.

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