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Founded in 1996, ScheduleOnline Inc. delivers, via the Internet and wireless gateways, Scheduling and Resource Planning (SRP) tools for use within and beyond the business enterprise.

These tools streamline enterprise-wide planning, provide scheduling solutions between users, and offer extranet tools for interaction between the business and its customers. ScheduleOnline's extranet tools allow customers to book appointments and make reservations, as well as provide the business with enhanced schedule management, e-commerce, marketing, and reporting capabilities.

ScheduleOnline's Intranet functionality (for real-time scheduling of resources and appointments between co-workers) has been offered since Q1 1999 and is deployed by more than 30,000 businesses worldwide. ScheduleOnline's strategic partners include: American Express, Ellacoya, FreeDrive, Homestead, NetLatinAmerica, Network Commerce, OfficeDepot, Verizon, Voxeo, and Ukibi. ScheduleOnline's distribution partners include Verizon, OfficeDepot, Cobalt, workz, and NetLatinAmerica. ScheduleOnline is headquartered in San Diego, California, and currently has 30 employees.

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